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Andrea is a very sexy hoodrat who just loves to be used and abused so applying to Ghetto Gaggers was a good move on her part. The guys stripped her off and got right down to it by shoving cock down her throat. Unlike most women on here though they didn’t need to force her head down, she was happy to take it all the way till she had balls on her nose but still couldn’t stop herself puking when throat fucked fast and hard. After they had succeeded in this they went on to fuck her pussy hard before finally holding her down for a face full of come.

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Vanessa Lee agreed to do this scene from Facial Abuse then refused to swallow cock, wheres the sense in that. If she’d watched scenes before she must have known she was going be swallowing cock whether she wanted to or not. She dodged for a while but eventually they forced cock past her tonsils until she was puking. They didn’t stop there though as she had riled them up by not choking on cock earlier when first asked. When she was in a big enough mess and had cock down her neck throat deep they moved on to fucking her pussy one after the other till she was sore. She sat down quietly for them to drip come over her face knowing that causing a scene would only make things worse.

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Porsha Star is one heavy weight bitch, one of the biggest the guys have ever had to work with. They have a way of dealing with these women though, they basically mess around too hard and wait for them to quit. Porsha was just a bit too tough for them though, either that or she needed the money too bad.

Stripped and kneeling the punishment started with having her tits slapped and squeezed by one while the other fucked her face while holding her head so she couldn’t back away. After doing that till she was choking on cock she was led on a couch with her head dangling and face fucked as puke squirted from her mouth without any letup.

She was placed on top and her head forced down till she couldn’t breathe but she refused to give in. The only time she had to stop was to blow puke through her nose, not a nice sight. They took turns fucking her pussy until her ass wobbled then sat her down to be covered in cum. You can watch Porsha cock gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Vanessa Naughty begged for 2 years for a scene from Facial Abuse even after being a famous porn star for several years. She was was so excited she was bouncing for the scene but this is always soon face fucked from them. As soon as the face fucking starts they all go to pieces.

She is placed on her knees whele a hand on her head stops her from backing away as he starts face fucking her without any preperation. You can actually see the cock going down her throat, it’s like she’s got an Adams apple and within seconds she is puking. He fucks her face until she is literally crying.

After that she is on the couch upside down and face fucked balls deep until there is so much puke under her head and in a bowl. She is made to impale herself face first until she has liquid pouring from her nose and mouth. Heholds her head while the face fucking gets even harder before she is made to sit down so they can land a couple loads of cum over her face. You can catch Vanessa Naughty throat gagging at Facial Abuse.

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Ms. Juicy asked for a scene at Ghetto Gaggers and was told yes as soon as the guys saw her big juicy ass, they couldn’t wait to get at it. First though they decided to soften her up with some face slapping and getting her to gag on cock. They shoved cock down her throat and a hand on the back of the head meant she got her tonsils poked all the way till she had balls on her chin. After a lot of this and some puking they went to work fucking her ass, after the face fucking she had received she was only to happy to let them fuck her ass as deep as they wanted. By the time they sat her down and spread come all over her face she was sore just about everywhere and couldn’t care less about the come dripping from her face.

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Bella Luciano is a well known porn star so the guys were over the moon to get her. Not that they showed it through their tretment of her. After some verbal abuse they get her naked on her knees and without warmup ram cock down her throat until it’s balls deep. Once there he fucks her throat which she takes very well.

It isn’t until she is flipped upside down and lowered onto his cock multiple times that she eventually pukes. She even did that like a pro, getting it all in the bucket. Once started though it was hard to stop. On top of him her head is held steady as her fucks her mouth at full speed as she pukes and pukes but never gives up.

He fucks her from behind on the couch but knowing she is a porn star gave them ideas. The double penetrated her, a massive cock in her ass and pussy as she screams through the pain. She is fucked on all fours before being made to lie still sand take a mouth full of cum. You can see Bella gagging on cock at Facial Abuse.

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Elizabeth Bentley is a famous porn star that they were happy to get to do this scene but had to question why when she went into how rough her childhood had been. To make her feel more at home they started with stripping her then slapping her face before shoving cock down her throat.

There was no going slow, straight from a slap to cock down her neck then after some throat fucking she was flipped over and lowered onto his cock until she had cock past her tonsils. He sat down then and forced her to take it all balls deep and hold it there before she was allowed up.

He bent her over onto all fours to fuck her from behind then made her ride his cock. He fucked her for a while longer until he was ready then got her to kneel down and stare at the camera while smiling. He then shot cum in her eye which soon wiped the smile off. You can see Elizabeth Bentley cock gagging at Facial Abuse.

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Lizzy London is one of those girls that would never do a scene like this if she didn’t need the money. Partr way through the scene they even thought she may get up and leave but she stuck it out. After being stripped and told she would be throat fucked she was smiling but that stopped as 8 inches of cock went down her neck.

She was made to impale her face on cock next, stopping occasionally as the sobs turned to real tears and each time a hand on her head forced her back down. Her hair had to be held for the next bit as she was made to swallow it all balls deep and then held there even through her tears until she eventually pulled away to puke in the dogs bowl.

She was made to look at the dogs bowl as she was taken from behind, fucked on all fours then ride his cock. She was also bent over the couch where she was left screaming as he pounded her pussy. She was sat on her ass when he finally got ready to finish, leaving her face coated in cum. You can see Lizzy London gagging on cock at Facial Abuse.

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Alli May is a stunning blonde with absolutely no gag reflex at all. They pride themselves on making every girl gag on cock till they puke but they had no chance with her. They started off by stripping her and slapping her face till she was in tears then made her open her mouth to swallow cock.

He grabbed her head and forced his cock down her neck and held it there which had no effect on her at all. He fucked her throat then lay her down to get more access. Pauly Harker then fucked her throat at full speed which again didn’t even have her eyes watering. He bent her over and fucked her face before going behind her to fuck her ass.

She screamed more from that than from the brutal throat job. She lay on her back then to be fucked then he bent her over again. She was screaming in pain but had no problems while he was fucking her face. He sat her down then and made her keep her eyes open as he sprayed cum in her eyes. You can see Alli swallowing cock at Facial Abuse.

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Moretta went into this scene knowing what it was about but with a big advantage over the other girls. She had so much metal in her mouth with sharp braces that the guys were too afraid of the damage to their cocks to force her to swallow cock too deep.

They started off fucking her face but refusing to let her close her mouth and after one cock got scraped they decided on a different method of throat fucking. They got out a few toys including a fuck machine toy and fucked her throat at full speed. Even the toys she was throat fucked by had gouges in them so the guys were lucky they didn’t force things too much.

They bent her over for a hard ass fuck then double penetrated her while she screamed. They figured if they couldn’t hurt her with a throat fuck then they’d make her suffer in other holes. They even made her sit on a thick dildo till it was all the way up her ass then sat her down to take a face full of cum. You can see Moretta throat fucked and double penetrated at Latina Abuse.