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Raquel came into this scene knowing it would be hard and really nervous as it was her first porno. They got her to strip then Donkey Dick showed her why he got his name before shoving his cock in her mouth. She was doing well till he tried to force it down her neck then she backed away. A few slaps later and she was choking on cock.

She was made to suck balls before the cock gagging started again with him shoving his cock down her neck till he was balls deep. She threw up a few times and as it was her first shoot he decided to give her a break. He turned her over and shoved his cock up her ass instead.

She squealed so loud he thought he had broken her but a few more thrusts without any blood showed she was ok so he shoved harder to see what she could take. After he managed to get it all in he figured it was safe and fucked her ass hard. She was made to sit still then to take two loads of come on her face. You can see Raquels first porno at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Beatriz is a sexy Latina whore who is happy to flash her body and actually quite proud of it. She has never done this for the camera before though and had a bit of a panic attack midway thinking her boyfriend or family might see the video but it was explained to her that by then it was too late, the video was going out anyway.

She started off slow in this scene sucking cock and balls but as the pressure grew she had to be helped. She kept saying she couldn’t help it but when they tried to push further she backed away. They grabbed her head and chin and forced cock down her neck till she was puking into a dogs bowl and then the brutal throat fucking began. They fucked her throat at full speed as the puke came from the corners of her mouth and never let up.

They tried her in different positions till they managed to get their cocks down her throat till she had balls on her nose then started fucking her face. She didn’t stop blowing chunks until the end, she must have had a large lunch. They sat her down and kept her eyes open as they splashed cum over her face. This is one scene that she really doesn’t want anyone to see let alone her family but you can find it over at Latina Abuse.

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When they saw Buss Down Betty on the couch the guys were disgusted. They have certain limits as well and this girl was way past them. Just as well she had such a fat belly though, the amount of puke that came from her was amazing. The only good thing was she didn’t quit even after losing a few gallons of food.

She started off on her knees and they fucked her face balls deep from the off. She had to keep turning her head to puke but within a second was swallowing cock again, never giving up. On her back on the couch she was throat fucked, would turn to the left to puke, take a greath, a few more thrust then a turn to the right to puke.

By the time she went on top she was taking 15 seconds of balls deep face fucking before turning aside to puke but she was empty by then. They fucked her pussy from behind before getting her to ride cock but made her lift her dress over her face. They kicked her ass next before holding her eyes open to cum on her face and throwing flour on her. You can see Betty taking a brutal throat fuck at het Gagers.

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Mia Lynn gave her age as 27 years old which is old for someone to start a porno career but she obviously needed the extra cash. The guys were always willing to help her out if they got to have some fun as well. In all fairness she managed quite well and even though she had the cock balls deep down her throat they still insisted on putting a foot to the back of her head to hold her there.

After she was switched back and fore swapping from swallowing one cock to the next she was made to get on top and impale her own throat. Once fully impaled they made her put her hands on the floor and skull fucked her. Next she was on all fours choking on cock while being ass fucked by the other.

They took turns in each of her holes until they bent her over the couch to see how deep they could fuck her ass. It wasn’t until they had her upside down resting on her shoulders and fucking her ass that she started screaming. A foot on her head kept her still though till they were ready to finish. The knelt her down and used her as a cum dump. You can see Mia throat deep at Facial Abuse.

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Kimberly came in for this scene as a self confessed slut saying she can’t get enough of sex. The guys knew how to treat someone like that and got her to strip off before sucking cock and balls. It was a nice gentle blowjob at first then they got rough, slapping her tits and face, making her huge firm tits jiggle hard with red prints on them till she took the cock properly.

The brutal throat fucking went well after that, especially when she lay down on her back with her mouth open to take cock down past her tonsils. They fucked her face then turned her over and forced her head down onto their cocks till she was blowing snot through her nose.

They took turns fucking her ass before sitting her down for the finish. She took one load of cum in her mouth and was made to hold it there as the other two left her face cum covered. She was made to show she hadn’t swallowed before being allowed to drink the cum. This great scene can be found at Facial Abuse.

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Charm had only just had a kid when she applied for this scene and was expecting more time before being accepted but once done she went through with it. She stripped off to show her saggy tits which almost got the guys to call it off but being professional they carried on.

She was happy to swallow cock, well, actually she wasn’t but when forced to swallow she didn’t complain too much. They throat fucked her hard for a while then stopped, got a wine glass and milked her saggy tits into it. After that she didn’t want to swallow any more but with hand around her neck she had little choice and soon the face fucking was harder than ever.

She looked really miserable as they sat her down to dump cum on her face and nearly burst into tears when she was told to rub it in. Charm gets the full works in this update from Ghetto Gaggers.

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Lulu has a great body with nice tits but no brain at all, she applied for this scene for the money without checking out what this site was all about. She tried sucking cock and leaving it there but the guys soon put her right, Bootleg holding her head and he pushed his cock down her neck balls deep. Choking on cock and puking came next before they started fucking her face which left her covered in goo. They fucked her pussy then causing even more moaining from her but she soon went quiet when they asked if she wanted her throat fucked again instead. The only thing she didn’t moan about was being covered in cum at the end. Go to Latina Abuse to see Latina whores swallowing cock.

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Momoko is part Japanese and had been brought up to obey men and she does it very well. With most women on this site they have to be forced to swallow cock balls deep but she happily did as she was told. Made to kneel in front of the guys she didn’t even need her head held.

They put some freaky glasses on her and fucked her throat hard. They pounded her throat so fast she eventually had tears running down her face but this still didn’t stop her. She went on top then and needed a little help but got all the way down and was held there with cock down her neck.

She rode cock then taking it all and so fast her tits were flapping before being bent over a couch to be fucked from behind. She took the full 9 inches of Big Red at full speed without batting an eye and with a smile on her face. She was sat down to have cum splashed on her face. You can see Momoko take a throat fucking at Facial Abuse.

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For years the guys had tried to get Destiny to do an extreme sex scene and every time she refused till she called and asked to do a scene with them, her last ever porno. They happily agreed and tried to make this her hardest scene yet, fucking her face till she had balls on her chin. She had tears streaming down her face at the end of the hard throat fuck but she perservered, not wanting her last scene spoiled. Of course the guys had to fuck her pussy as well, such a famous porn star and so on. She even gave a little speech as the guys covered her face in cum. Watch many more women cock gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

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When a girl signs up to a scene from Facial Abuse and uses the name Fuck Stick she must know it isn’t going to go well for her. She stripped off and was immediately given a throat fucking balls deep. She was choking on cock as one held her head and the other held her chin to make sure she couldn’t move and they kept her there till she turned red. They then pounded her, fucking her ass then her pussy till she was sore. They got her to sit still while they gave her a face full of come and left her there dripping. Go to Facial Abuse for more gag on cock action.