Porn Star Elizabeth Bentley Face Fucked

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Elizabeth Bentley is a famous porn star that they were happy to get to do this scene but had to question why when she went into how rough her childhood had been. To make her feel more at home they started with stripping her then slapping her face before shoving cock down her throat.

There was no going slow, straight from a slap to cock down her neck then after some throat fucking she was flipped over and lowered onto his cock until she had cock past her tonsils. He sat down then and forced her to take it all balls deep and hold it there before she was allowed up.

He bent her over onto all fours to fuck her from behind then made her ride his cock. He fucked her for a while longer until he was ready then got her to kneel down and stare at the camera while smiling. He then shot cum in her eye which soon wiped the smile off. You can see Elizabeth Bentley cock gagging at Facial Abuse.

Lizzy London Face Fucked To Tears

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Lizzy London is one of those girls that would never do a scene like this if she didn’t need the money. Partr way through the scene they even thought she may get up and leave but she stuck it out. After being stripped and told she would be throat fucked she was smiling but that stopped as 8 inches of cock went down her neck.

She was made to impale her face on cock next, stopping occasionally as the sobs turned to real tears and each time a hand on her head forced her back down. Her hair had to be held for the next bit as she was made to swallow it all balls deep and then held there even through her tears until she eventually pulled away to puke in the dogs bowl.

She was made to look at the dogs bowl as she was taken from behind, fucked on all fours then ride his cock. She was also bent over the couch where she was left screaming as he pounded her pussy. She was sat on her ass when he finally got ready to finish, leaving her face coated in cum. You can see Lizzy London gagging on cock at Facial Abuse.

Alli May Won’t Gag On Cock

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Alli May is a stunning blonde with absolutely no gag reflex at all. They pride themselves on making every girl gag on cock till they puke but they had no chance with her. They started off by stripping her and slapping her face till she was in tears then made her open her mouth to swallow cock.

He grabbed her head and forced his cock down her neck and held it there which had no effect on her at all. He fucked her throat then lay her down to get more access. Pauly Harker then fucked her throat at full speed which again didn’t even have her eyes watering. He bent her over and fucked her face before going behind her to fuck her ass.

She screamed more from that than from the brutal throat job. She lay on her back then to be fucked then he bent her over again. She was screaming in pain but had no problems while he was fucking her face. He sat her down then and made her keep her eyes open as he sprayed cum in her eyes. You can see Alli swallowing cock at Facial Abuse.

Moretta Throat Fucked By Toys

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Moretta went into this scene knowing what it was about but with a big advantage over the other girls. She had so much metal in her mouth with sharp braces that the guys were too afraid of the damage to their cocks to force her to swallow cock too deep.

They started off fucking her face but refusing to let her close her mouth and after one cock got scraped they decided on a different method of throat fucking. They got out a few toys including a fuck machine toy and fucked her throat at full speed. Even the toys she was throat fucked by had gouges in them so the guys were lucky they didn’t force things too much.

They bent her over for a hard ass fuck then double penetrated her while she screamed. They figured if they couldn’t hurt her with a throat fuck then they’d make her suffer in other holes. They even made her sit on a thick dildo till it was all the way up her ass then sat her down to take a face full of cum. You can see Moretta throat fucked and double penetrated at Latina Abuse.

Sasha Sweet Takes A Face Fucking

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Sasha Sweet went into this scene for a debut face fucking acting all big and mouthing off about how good she was st blowjobs. We tried explaining that we don’t do blowjobs here and taught her what this site was all about. After stripping her off we grabbed her head and forced cock down her throat balls deep.

A hand on her throat meant she couldn’t close her mouth as we fucked her throat at full speed. She backed away once too often so a few face slaps and we turned her over with her head hanging down the side of the couch so she couldn’t back away any more. That’s when the face fucking really started and she started puking everywhere.

She was bent over to be pussy fucked while a hand over her mouth kept her quiet as she had squirting orgasms. They sat her down then to take a few loads of cum on her face. You can see Sasha Sweet taking her first ever face fucking at Facial Abuse.

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Carmel Sunshine made the mistake of going into this scene after just eating a meal. This made it so hard for her because she must have known what this site did. She was sat down, told to open her mouth and took a cock down her neck until she had balls on her chin.

It took all of 5 seconds before she puked but that didn’t slow them down. Her face was slapped and she was led on her back where she was throat fucked at full speed balls deep. She was then put on top and made to swallow cock, taking a face fucking till she had puke running down his balls.

She was made to ride cock in all different positions before being sat down to take a few loads of cum on her face. They washed it off her by pouring milk over her head and leaving her dripping. You can see Carmel gagging on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

Kristiana Gagging On Cock For Christmas

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Kristiana cane into this scene explaining she was only doing it so she could get her kids what they wanted for Christmas. They weren’t sure if she expected this to make them go easy on her but it didn’t work if that was the case. She was such a pain to get started it took a few face slaps to get balls deep.

Holding her head didn’t work so well, they even squeezed milk from her nipples to keep her mind of things as they fucked her throat. She was gagging on cock so bad they spun her upside down and made her swallow cock that way so the mess stayed away from them.

They face fucked her so hard she left a mess all over the floor so they bent her over to fuck her pussy instead. She managed that fine and even rode cock well but when they bent her over and stuck a cock in her ass she screamed and squealed. After her ass pounding they sat her down to leave so much cum on her face she couldn’t open her eyes. You can see Kristiana gagging on cock at Latina Abuse.

Mia Mendez Takes Cock Throat Deep

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Mia Mendez is an absolutely stunning Latina that the guys were fighting to get their hands on. Super slim with massive tits and very toned all over they soon had her stripped off. She was happy to play with her pussy for them and went straight down on her knees to give a blowjob.

As a general rule they ram cock down her neck to surprise her, get her choking on cock but it didn’t work on her, she just took it all. She sucked balls then with a hand on her head they fucked her face. When that went all too well for her they put her on her back on the couch and had her gagging on cock. She took it balls deep with no problems so they rammed a huge dildo down her neck as well.

She went on top then, impaling her mouth on cock till her eyes watered. When she still didn’t puke they fucked her from behind which did give her something to scream about. She was bent over the couch so they could get deeper then made to ride cock. She was on her knees to take a face full of cum which they wiped off with the dildo and again rammed it down her throat. You can see the Stunning Mia Mendez cock swallowing at Latina Abuse.

Two Girls In Throat Fucking Competition

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Gia Love and Oxuanna Envy both turn up for auditions at Facial Abuse so they came up with the idea of pitting these two girls against each other in a cock swallowing competition. They start off with both girls naked, Oxuanna being face fucked as Gia is told to spit in her face. They both suck his cock together before the competition gets underway.

They are already puking from the throat fucking before they come up with the idea of having them sit one below the other and as each one pukes it dribbles down over the hair and face of the girl below. Once oth are covered with the others puke he takes turns bending them over to fuck them from behind.

He’d fuck the one girl then throat fuck the other till she puked then made them change places. Next he fucked one as she licked the others pussy then made each of them lick his as while fucking the other before fucking Gia as she licked Oxuannas ass. He finished off with them lined up so he could splash his cum over their faces. You can see these girls gagging on cock at Facial Abuse.

Sunisa Takes A Brutal Throat Job

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What they did to Sunisa in this scene is far beyond cruel, they wouldn’t treat animals as bad as this. Sunisa is a stunning Thai girl and could have got a job as a normal porn star so why she tried this I will never know. They went into this with the intention of making her puke and nothing else.

They stripped her off and put a funnel in her mouth then force fed her soup to fill her stomach. Within seconds of that he had grabbed her hair and the brutal throat job began with his cock down her neck balls deep. After puking up most of the soup she was made to swallow more.

Some face slapping kept her in line then a brace used to keep her mouth open as they fucked her face some more. After the last load of soup they shoved in her mouth they had planned on fucking her pussy but the girl was in tatters. They left her lying on the floor and left cum on her face. You can see this short but powerful brutal throat job at Facial Abuse.