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Ms. Platinum had done loads of pornos in her time but never anything like the scene from Ghetto Gaggers. Even though she has a fit body from all her dancing she has a very big ass which the guys couldn’t wait to start slapping. She was also over confident she could take anything the guys threw at her, a definite mistake. They throat fucked her hard until she had to stop to puke, though credit where it’s due, as soon as the last drop left her mouth she was back cock gagging balls deep. After that they decided she deserved a break and fucked her pussy hard for a while before moving back to fucking her face with her head hanging over the edge of the sofa for easier access to pound her tonsils. They finished off by leaving cum on her face dripping down into her mouth.

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Coko Cabana picked her stage name because sh’e a Barry Manilow fan, that alone should be enough for the guys to fuck her face even harder. Slapping her face and grabbing her hair keeps her head steady as he pounds her throat with his cock. He fucks her throat so hard and fast she sounds like she’s gargling.

He gets balls deep before moving her to her back lying on the couch and lets her up for air every 20 seconds before ploughing straight back down her neck. She moves on top and is made to look at the camera as he pushes her head down as his cock passes her tonsils.

He fucks her pussy while she lies on her back at first then gets her on all fours so he can go deeper. Next she bounces up and down on his cock hard taking his full 9 inches before going onto her back again. Just as he’s ready to finish he gets her to kneel down and dumps his cum on her face. You can see Coko throat gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Iridals husband was a swinger with a difference, he was more intereted in seeing her humiliated and used by others than he was in having sex. The bonus was she enjoyed being used for his pleasure and being the kinky slut she is when he asked her to go on Facial Abuse she was happy to do it. The guys pushed her to the limit, making her suck their balls before the throat gagging started. They had her choking on cock till they were balls deep in her mouth. After the face fucking was over they moved lower down and fucked her ass till her ass was gaping. She took a load of come over her face and even seemed to enjoy that going by the thank you note she sent.

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Vicky had never done a porno before and went to Latina Abuse so she could start in style. They taught her loads there including how to be humiliated and forced to take more than she thought possible. All told she had five cocks against her and to make sure she swallowed cock balls deep they pulled her hair, slapped her face and anything else to make her a true member of the cock gaggers club. She puked everywhere so they bent her over and took two huge cocks in her pussy as deep as they could force them while having her tits smacked whenever she whimpered. She was then sat down to take 5 loads of cum on her face.

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Iridal came back for a second scene at Facial Abuse making the guys think they can’t have been rough enough the first time. This gives the guys a chance to redeem themselves so they start off making her play with her pussy to lull her into a false sense of security. They get her on all fours and make her bark then grab a double ended dildo and force it down her throat to warm her up.

They then start to fuck her face with a warning not to let it out of her mouth. Every time she backs off she gets her face slapped hard and soon is having her throat fucked at full speed. They lay her on a couch and make her put her hands on the ground so she has no control and is soon gagging on cock.

Once they think she’s had enough throat gagging they use a machine dildo to fuck her pussy through orgasms till she’s screaming. She is bent over the couch then to be ass fucked to make this a scene she won’t want to do again. Lastly she is made to kneel down as they take turns leaving cum drip down her face.

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Dolly Valenting is just 19 and actually looks younger but she asked to do this scene so the guys were happy to do it. She was stripped and on her knees before they pushed her head until he was balls deep in her mouth. She choked on cock but kept going as the puke came out quickly followed by her tears.

He led on her back then and put two hands behind her head to force her down. A little more puking and snot bubbles as the cock past her tonsils and she was crying again. After that he bent her over for her first taste of anal. She screamed but let him fuck her ass hard before being turned over.

Now on her back he fucked her ass fast as she played with her pussy until she was dripping wet then he had her go on top and ride him. He soon had her ass gaping and when he was ready he had her kneel down and took her glasses off so that when he left cum on her face it got in her eyes. You can see Dolly gagging on cock at Facial Abuse.

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Lya Pink is 33 and gets told she is too old but that seems to have made her more determined to take everything they had. She knelt down and put her hands on the floor as they grabbed her head and started fucking her face at full speed. It wasn’t long before they were balls deep and only then did she move her hands but never stopped them.

They flipped her upside down and lowered her down until her face was impaled on cock. A hand behind her head kept her still as they skull fucked her. He led on his back then and pushed her head down on his cock. Knowing that they couldn’t break her they bent her over and fucked her from behind.

They led her on the couch next to fuck her before having her ride cock while the other beat her ass with an inflatable bat. They put her lying on her back then and took turns leaving loads of cum on her face. You can see this stunning 33 year old take an extreme throat fuck at Facial Abuse.

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Ms Marshae is a well known BBW porn star and has made it clear for years she would never do a scene with Ghetto Gaggers but after running out of work she really had no choice. You could see she wasn’t looking forward to this but went onto her knees and it wasn’t long before she was blowing chunks as the cock went down her throat.

Unable to take it all this way she was led on her back and face fucked from above. When she spat out his cock again she got her face slapped until she willingly swallowed his cock past her tonsils. Led with her head in the dogs bowl of puke she had her skull fucked some more then when she spat it out again was made to lick his ass.

They started abusing her then, saying they couldn’t get past the flab to fuck her pussy. Eventually they had her bent over the couch and managed to get inside her. Once they had enough of humiliating her she was sat on her ass to get covered in cum. You can see this BBW porn star gag on cock at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Jayden Lee is a well known porn star already, mainly known for her anal abilities at taking huge cocks up her ass. The guys love having famous people on the show to let them know how easy they normally have it. She is soon stripped and on her knees with a cock down her throat while his hand behind her head keeps her there. He fucks her throat at full speed then tests how long she can hold her breath by holding her there with balls on her chin. She took that so well she impressed Big Red and Harker so they flipped her over.

Hanging upside down and lowered face first onto his cock she finally puked but it took all he had to do it. Straight after puking she was lowered back on again and with her hair being held had to stay there to be throat fucked some more until she puked again. She was placed on her back then with her head hanging showing off her absolutely stunning body as she had cock past her tonsils once more as she was having her pussy pinched. Not being able to wait any longer they bent her over to be fucked from behind.

She maoned a little but managed to take his huge cock then was made to sit on it and ride him from the top. Her moans were a little louder and soon turned into screams when she was placed on her shoulders with her pussy in the air and getting pussy pounded way deeper than she was used to. After that they took turns fucking her ass until the screams got so much that she had to push them away. She was made to sit there then with her eyes open as they left her face covered in cum and followed by flour. You can see the stunning Jayden Lee take a brutal throat job at Facial Abuse, well worth watching just for her stunning body.

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Amani Wett is a stunner but she had agreed to do this scene so went through with it. The guys were weary, usually the prettier women have an attitude of if she can’t handle it she can get work elsewhere but Amani wasn’t like that, she did everything as instructed like a good whore. She is soon stripped and on her knees with two hands behind her head holding her steady as she is made to swallow cock. With an hand under her chin he manages to get balls deep when fucking her face.

She is led upside down on the couch with her head hanging over giving him a lot of freedom to go as deep as he wants. The skull fucking goes to another level as he fucks her face at about 5 strokes per second with his balls banging her nose until she pukes. She is then moved on top and with an hand on the back of her head takes some more until she has snot running down her face. Done with the face fucking he bends her over to fuck her from behind and with an hand on her throat pulls her back so she has to take it all.

She is made to ride him then and seems to thoroughly enjoy herself even grabbing his balls, either that or she just wanted him to finish so she could get out of there. He spanks her ass as she rides him until he is ready to finish. She goes back onto her knees as he leaves his load on her face and even opens her mouth to try and catch his cum without being asked. You can see this greedy whore Amani Wett getting a brutal throat job at Ghettot Gaggers.