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Lulu has a great body with nice tits but no brain at all, she applied for this scene for the money without checking out what this site was all about. She tried sucking cock and leaving it there but the guys soon put her right, Bootleg holding her head and he pushed his cock down her neck balls deep. Choking on cock and puking came next before they started fucking her face which left her covered in goo. They fucked her pussy then causing even more moaining from her but she soon went quiet when they asked if she wanted her throat fucked again instead. The only thing she didn’t moan about was being covered in cum at the end. Go to Latina Abuse to see Latina whores swallowing cock.

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Momoko is part Japanese and had been brought up to obey men and she does it very well. With most women on this site they have to be forced to swallow cock balls deep but she happily did as she was told. Made to kneel in front of the guys she didn’t even need her head held.

They put some freaky glasses on her and fucked her throat hard. They pounded her throat so fast she eventually had tears running down her face but this still didn’t stop her. She went on top then and needed a little help but got all the way down and was held there with cock down her neck.

She rode cock then taking it all and so fast her tits were flapping before being bent over a couch to be fucked from behind. She took the full 9 inches of Big Red at full speed without batting an eye and with a smile on her face. She was sat down to have cum splashed on her face. You can see Momoko take a throat fucking at Facial Abuse.

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For years the guys had tried to get Destiny to do an extreme sex scene and every time she refused till she called and asked to do a scene with them, her last ever porno. They happily agreed and tried to make this her hardest scene yet, fucking her face till she had balls on her chin. She had tears streaming down her face at the end of the hard throat fuck but she perservered, not wanting her last scene spoiled. Of course the guys had to fuck her pussy as well, such a famous porn star and so on. She even gave a little speech as the guys covered her face in cum. Watch many more women cock gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

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When a girl signs up to a scene from Facial Abuse and uses the name Fuck Stick she must know it isn’t going to go well for her. She stripped off and was immediately given a throat fucking balls deep. She was choking on cock as one held her head and the other held her chin to make sure she couldn’t move and they kept her there till she turned red. They then pounded her, fucking her ass then her pussy till she was sore. They got her to sit still while they gave her a face full of come and left her there dripping. Go to Facial Abuse for more gag on cock action.

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Makenzee Pierce has a great body that’s just begging to be used and abused and the guys from Facial Abuse are only too happy to oblige. Being face fucked by one huge cock is usually more than enough for anyone but they try and shove two cocks down her throat in this scene. After swallowing cock for what seems like ages to her they bend her over and fuck her pussy and mouth in a great double penetration. The throat job is great, leaving her so happy when they move to her pussy just to let her get her breath back. After a lot more pussy fucking they sit her down and splatter her face with come.

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Jovany is a Dominican whore with a large pussy that the guys from Latina Abuse did there best to stretch even bigger. By the end of the scene she was very submissive agreeing to everything after having her face slapped. She sucked balls before cock gagging after a brutal throat fuck. She was told “gag on my cock” and she did exactly as she was told, to the point of puking everywhere. When her head was hanging down from the sofa the face fuck was so deep the balls hit her nose and the look on her face as the guys sat her down to come on her face was priceless but she knew better than to stop them.

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Ms. Platinum had done loads of pornos in her time but never anything like the scene from Ghetto Gaggers. Even though she has a fit body from all her dancing she has a very big ass which the guys couldn’t wait to start slapping. She was also over confident she could take anything the guys threw at her, a definite mistake. They throat fucked her hard until she had to stop to puke, though credit where it’s due, as soon as the last drop left her mouth she was back cock gagging balls deep. After that they decided she deserved a break and fucked her pussy hard for a while before moving back to fucking her face with her head hanging over the edge of the sofa for easier access to pound her tonsils. They finished off by leaving cum on her face dripping down into her mouth.

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Coko Cabana picked her stage name because sh’e a Barry Manilow fan, that alone should be enough for the guys to fuck her face even harder. Slapping her face and grabbing her hair keeps her head steady as he pounds her throat with his cock. He fucks her throat so hard and fast she sounds like she’s gargling.

He gets balls deep before moving her to her back lying on the couch and lets her up for air every 20 seconds before ploughing straight back down her neck. She moves on top and is made to look at the camera as he pushes her head down as his cock passes her tonsils.

He fucks her pussy while she lies on her back at first then gets her on all fours so he can go deeper. Next she bounces up and down on his cock hard taking his full 9 inches before going onto her back again. Just as he’s ready to finish he gets her to kneel down and dumps his cum on her face. You can see Coko throat gagging at Ghetto Gaggers.

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Iridals husband was a swinger with a difference, he was more intereted in seeing her humiliated and used by others than he was in having sex. The bonus was she enjoyed being used for his pleasure and being the kinky slut she is when he asked her to go on Facial Abuse she was happy to do it. The guys pushed her to the limit, making her suck their balls before the throat gagging started. They had her choking on cock till they were balls deep in her mouth. After the face fucking was over they moved lower down and fucked her ass till her ass was gaping. She took a load of come over her face and even seemed to enjoy that going by the thank you note she sent.

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Vicky had never done a porno before and went to Latina Abuse so she could start in style. They taught her loads there including how to be humiliated and forced to take more than she thought possible. All told she had five cocks against her and to make sure she swallowed cock balls deep they pulled her hair, slapped her face and anything else to make her a true member of the cock gaggers club. She puked everywhere so they bent her over and took two huge cocks in her pussy as deep as they could force them while having her tits smacked whenever she whimpered. She was then sat down to take 5 loads of cum on her face.