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Nala claimed that she had already done a face fucking scene so this would be no problem for her, she obviously had never heard of this site. They stripped her off then let her start slowly sucking cock and she seemed cheerful enough. Without warning Big Red grabbed her head and forced his cock down her neck till his she had balls on her chin. They even got her to go upside down so they could fuck her throat harder. When they put her down and asked her which was the harder scene she left for the bathroom to finish throwing up. In all fairness she was back out so Bootleg could join Red in giving her deep double penetration before sitting her down to leave her cum covered. Go to Facial Abuse to see this throat fucker hurl.

Molly Smash Gagging On Cock


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Molly Smash was only 3 days past her 18th birthday when she did this scene and asking the guys to make it one of the best ever made them very happy. He held her head as he kept his cock fully down her throat as she puked up brown stuff then went straight back down on his cock for him to fuck her face.

After that she went on top and was made to watch the camera as he skull fucked her and the puke flowed into the provided dogs bowl. She was made to swallow some of her puke before the rest was put on a rubber mat for her to roll around on then she was made to rub her face in it with her butt in the air for him to fuck her pussy.

He fucked her hard all the while making her rub her puke into her face or eat more of it. She was on her back on the couch then with her legs in the air for him to fuck her while spanking her ass. When he was finished fucking her pussy she was made to kneel and watch the camera as he splattered cum on her face. You can see this 18 year old dirty bitch take a throat fuck at Facial Abuse.

Brutal Throat Gagging Round Two

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Dasani Lezian has been here before and took everything quite well so she was invited back. The guys hate it when they don’t break a chick. In the usual position of on her knees they forced cock down her throat again and held it there. She backed off this time which earned her some face slapping till she swallowed the cock properly.

They moveed to the couch next and forced her to swallow cock again all the wway down before face fucking her then had her go on top. In this position she found things a lot harder so they used both hands to hold her down and keep her there as he fucked her face full speed till the balls hit her nose.

On her back next to be pussy fucked and she screamed so loud he made her lick his ass just to keep her quiet. She bent over to be fucked from behind but still wouldn’t shut up even though they told her to repeatedly. Sitting on top of him they made her lower herself screaming till she’d taken it all then kneel down, once again screaming as he came on her face. You can see Dasani give a throat deep blowjob at Latina Abuse.

Kyra Steele In Tears After Swallowing Cock Balls Deep

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Kyra Steele went to Facial Abuse expecting to make some easy money doing something she could enjoy, extreme sex, but she was in well over her head. After admitting to an internet boyfriend the guys made fun of her which meant she pouted at everything they said after that. All this meant was some face slapping and face fucking harder than usual to get the snarl off her face. After a lot of cock gagging and very brutal throat fucking they moved on to fucking her pussy. By the end of the scene she was humiliated and close to tears. She eventually broke down when the guys made her sit still and splashed come over her face.

Bailey Rae Takes Brutal Throat Fucking

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Bailey Rae started off by yelling at the guys which is never a good way to treat someone who has total control over how much cock you swallow. It could be because of this that once he had her naked on her knees he was balls deep on the third thrust and fucked her throat hard, sometimes leaving his cock down her neck for a lot longer than usual before letting her up for air.

He spit on her and slapped her face before lying her on her back to get his cock deeper down her throat. A foot on her head kept her head steady as he fucked her face then putting her on top 2 hands behind her head let him use her throat any way he wanted as he skull fucked her till she puked.

A double-ended dildo is shoved down her neck before he fucks her pussy from behind. Finally giving her some control she rides his cock before he realises she’s not taking it all so he lays her on her back. He makes sure she takes his whole cock before sitting her down to cover her face in cum. You can see Bailey Rae swallowing cock at Facial Abuse.

Latina Carolina Throat Deep In Cock With Balls On Her Nose

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Carolina is a pretty latina that got more than she bargained for when she did this extreme sex scene from Latina Abuse.  She was all smiles and confidence when she got there but that soon disappeared. To top it all off her scene was with Big Red and Bootleg who were never going to take it easy on her. They stretched her pussy before moving on to what they liked best, fucking her throat. She was cock gagging within minutes and when they lay her down head resting backwards over the sofa and face fucked her till their balls were on her nose she looked ready to cry. They carried on till she puked then rolled her in a carpet before splashing cum on her face before spoon feeding it to her.

Jayla Foxx’s Brutal Throat Deep Face Fucking

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Jayla Foxx spent more time on her mobile than concentrating on the guys from Ghetto Gaggers which left them with little option but to try hard to get her attention. Bootleg and Big Red shoved cock down her throat till she was puking. The cock gagging was a bit too much for her so they pounded her pussy hard for a while to give her a break before going back to poking her tonsils. The throat fucking was intense and when she had become one of the all time cock gaggers they sat her down to take two loads of come to her face.

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Cameron will do anything to please her boyfriend but after promising to do what he asks she gets more than she bargained for. He tells her he wants her to do a porn scene with the guys from Facial Abuse and that part of the scene must include gagging on cock and some deep double penetration. She’s already agreed so after a quick phone call things were set up. After forcing cock down her throat till she was ready to puke they opened up both holes for some extreme sex, they even threw in some face slapping for the hell of it. She was happy to choke on cock for her boyfriend but looked a lot less happy when made to sit there for a face full of come.

Sole Dior Gets A Balls Deep Throat Fucking

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Sole Dior decided doing a scene from Ghetto Gaggers was an easy way to make money, a lot easier than getting a normal job anyway so the guys took it upon themselves to convince her theres nothing wrong with good honest work. She still had a smile on when they started fucking her face but that changed when they forced cock past her tonsils. She was soon puking with tears running down her face which only got worse as they laid her on her back to take a good throat pounding with balls on her nose. They sat her down at the end and covered her face in come.

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Andrea is a very sexy hoodrat who just loves to be used and abused so applying to Ghetto Gaggers was a good move on her part. The guys stripped her off and got right down to it by shoving cock down her throat. Unlike most women on here though they didn’t need to force her head down, she was happy to take it all the way till she had balls on her nose but still couldn’t stop herself puking when throat fucked fast and hard. After they had succeeded in this they went on to fuck her pussy hard before finally holding her down for a face full of come.